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Free Online Age Calulator .Calculate your exact age with 100% accuracy with simple ,user - friendly ,no complicated buttons. It is one of the best age finder on google . It includes Day, Month, Year to find your age on current date or your specified date.

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Free Age Calculator on Google

Calculate your age in years ,months, days for any given date free online age calculator is very easy to use which can help you to know your exact age . It is one of the best age calculator with no complicated buttons. Find your exact age with this free tool age calculator with copy feature where you can copy and paste wherever you want !


we have tried our best to help you as much as possible to make this website age calculator user-friendly, so anyone can easily use this website but still if you face any problem using this website age calculator you can follow the guidance given below.

In order to use this age calculator first, you have to just enter your name on the first input box, it's mentioned "ENTER YOUR NAME" which is optional not mandatory ! After that, In the value of SELECT DATE OF BIRTH which includes DAYS, MONTHS and YEARS it asks in which Day,Month,Year you are born Then,you will see AGE AT THE DATE OF : option Here, you can change with any value but by default leave it as it is because its showing current Date, Below you can see a button called CALCULATE ,click on calculate button and you will get your exact age with 100% accuracy .


FROM : 1 JANUARY 1991 TO: 27 SEPTEMBER 2019 (i.e) 2019-1991 = 28 years


It can help you to check :

Eligibility for govt exams

If you are writing for govt exams then there will some eligibility criteria based on age which will help you to choose govt exams.

Helps in school admission

If you have child and want to make him/her join to school you can calculate the age of your child for school admission.

Helps in astrology

If you have a faith in astrology then, you can say your real age to your astrologer who can predict your future.


The only thing you have to know is just your date of birth, yes ! you have to just Enter your date of birth which includes Year, Month, Date which will help you to get your exact age with 100% accuracy.

check your age once in a while in age calculator website because :

“Youth can not know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young.” ― J.K. Rowling